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Why the child does not sleep during the day

A child’s dream — an essential factor in its development, a good mood, so it is important to find the answer to the question: why the child does not sleep during the day? NAPs are important for the baby. Daytime sleep improves concentration baby, attention, does not allow him to overwork, and this has a positive effect on General psychological state. No midday sleep leads to poor concentration and focus, leads to fatigue, and this negatively affects the psychological state.

Why the child does not sleep during the day

There are reasons why the child does not sleep during the day. It is: the penetration of light into the child’s face. It helps to curtain window while the baby is sleeping. The child may have trouble sleeping because of the loud noises. Do not watch TV in the room where the baby sleeps, do things in other rooms.

To periodluminosity can lead a long walk, guests in the house. Overexcited leads to irritability, the child may not want to bed. The child may be unable to sleep due to colic. Colic can cause awakening of the child with abdominal pain, reassure him, make massage the abdomen, do a circular motion clockwise.

The room should maintain a comfortable temperature at 20-21 degrees. Ventilate well, avoid drafts.

Why the child does not sleep during the day — without tears and whims

Often the child does not sleep at night and doesn’t want to sleep during the day. For a relaxing and sound sleep, you must provide all possible conditions. The child wanted to sleep, he must be tired. You should therefore look for the energy output. As the energy output of your kid, you must use — walking in the fresh air, should arrive just in time that the baby does not fall asleep while walking.

Outdoor games — will finished them an hour before the moment of laying. Bathing — swimming in cool water will go to the kid a favor, immediately after bathing, there is a strong likelihood that the baby will want to sleep.

Children of different ages to sleep you must meet at different times: fit newborns 16-18 hours a day at different intervals; the child in 1-1,5 years — 10-11 hours at night and during the day twice and a half to two hours; the child in 2-3 years — 10-11 hours at night, day 1 every two and a half — three hours.

Daytime sleep every child can be an individual. Some kids sleep well after Breakfast, others — in the afternoon after lunch, other — toward evening. Do not immediately after a meal to lay the baby to sleep, it is better to do it in an hour.

Why the child does not sleep during the day — how to lay?

It is necessary to accustom the child to his own bed. If he got the habit to sleep on your hands, you may get scared when I Wake up without you. It should surround the same things he was seeing before I fell asleep. Try to have the child perceived the crib as a place to sleep. His eyes will be closed automatically when he begins to perceive the actions you do before going to sleep — closing the curtains, sing a lullaby, give a favorite toy to sleep.

Actions must follow a routine, you need to try this schedule is not broken. The baby will be easier it will be to take NAPs as a self-evident event.

Why the child does not sleep during the day — sleep problems

Sleep — a cyclical process. It can be divided into several phases — fast phase and slow. When little is in REM sleep, then he turns around, startled. He could Wake up, if anything it will scare, alerted.

When a newborn baby sleeps poorly, the reasons may be several: uncomfortable for sleeping temperature in the room. Optimal is 22 degrees. No mom around, and diaper severely tightens the body. There are also other reasons: hunger, wet diaper, hunger. Actively encourage your baby to the mode of the day, we have to comply with certain procedures — washing, feeding, which should have a certain duration.

To take the child into their bed necessary only in exceptional cases, otherwise it can used to sleep there, in the future will refuse to sleep in their new place — in the crib. Ensure the child is used to a healthy day-dream from infancy, so it will grow healthy, strong, intelligent.

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