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The Technique of child development, what method of education you choose?

Educational process of today differs in many respects from those principles followed by our mothers and grandmothers. And there are a lot of reasons.

Children’s rooms littered with lots of different toys, ranging from the banal Barbie dolls and Teddy Bears, and ending with a clever radio-controlled models of cars. Every week the child attends a half-dozen sports clubs and hobby groups. Modern parents read and put into practice new methods of early development of children from infancy teach a child a foreign language. Not the last role in changing the rules of education was played by technical progress — children from the first years of life can not imagine a Sunday evening without cartoons and computer games, and students of the middle classes without problems cope with finding information on the Internet.

What do we have as a result of development? Does your child happy? Will he have the phrase “happy childhood– be associated with joy? Does he need all this to become really happy. The answers to these simple, at first glance, the questions are pretty hard to find without resorting to the method of developing children.

Some parents believe that the harm from the amount of information which is received by the child, no. They say, okay, life is hard, let him gain more experience… They think that the sooner the children will have to face the realities of adult life — the simpler it will be in adult life. Yes indeed, it is hard for them to argue.

However, there are not less numerous group of parents who believed that children need to grow in a more “greenhouse” conditions: to protect them from the harmful effects of technical progress, modern methods of development of children, excessive mental and physical exertion. Parents in this group believed that the excess of information contributes to the development of the child neuroses and child health in General… This theory is quite logical, and also has the right to life.

We are not committed to either of the other theory, and believe that all good parenting techniques, when applied wisely and in moderation. At the same time I want to draw the attention of parents on the rules that have always been and will be relevant, and which will definitely allow you to make your children happy.

So, the basic rules of child development that will help to make his childhood happy, and your efforts are not in vain:

Methodology: how do I, or the principle of imitation

Use the principle of imitation, teach the child by example. In most cases, children adhere to the rules established in the family. If you have a home there is peace and quiet, the child will grow calm and balanced. And if the relationship between mom and dad, constantly feel the tension — the child will be nervous and irritable.

The child should not be a witness to family conflicts, bad reviews working day, etc. If you are overwhelmed with emotions will reschedule the conversation for a later period, when the child will not be his witness. Children should always feel that mom and dad are all well, and to do this is your main task.

Technique. prohibitions — one for all

Be aware that the rules for all members of the same family. What allowed you should be allowed and children. Of course, this rule does not apply to those cases which relate to the use of dangerous for the baby items (knife, needle, electric appliances, gas stove, etc.). The prohibitions should be rare, but definitely no punch, no permissions in response to sobs — only urgent clarification of why not to do this.

However, in any case, be aware that it is unlikely that the child learns what is hot not touching the hot mug, and do not understand what it is to break the plate never saw. Do not forbid the child to explore the world — broken dish, it was just another step in his development.

Development of children: the daily routine of the child

Methods of development of children, is not only to permanent “Piccini” knowledge. Every piece of knowledge must be diluted children’s games. The child needs time to rest, practice what he is interested in.

Allow your child to use for development and games all items in the house that are not dangerous to him. At the same time teach him to respect the subjects.

The child must be a clear routine: got up, washed, ate, played… the Need for strict compliance with time intervals no, but the steps are important. This is particularly important observation for preschool children and primary school children, at a later period, the child can quite cope with the rhythm of life, to adapt to it.

A method of encouraging the imagination of the children

Imagination and initiative — one of the best means for the development of mental abilities, so try to encourage such initiatives in the child. Be creative with it, throw in his fancy new idea. Initiative in children should only be encouraged. The development of such skills contributes to the rapid finding answers for the questions of the child, the decision of those or other problems.

Method of development of sustained attention in children

Pay attention to the child it is necessary not only when you learn the letters, but also during games. Children’s curiosity must be satisfied in full, any questions the child should receive a clear answer that is understandable to him. The opinion of the kid need to listen carefully and to the end, in case of need we must help the child to deal with the situation.

Forget about your own employment, unresolved issues and Affairs — the child is more important. In any case you should not demonstrate the neglect of a child, and even more anger.

Methodology development: comfort and love

The cozy atmosphere and the feeling of love is one of the most necessary conditions for the harmonious development of the child. The child must feel it always and everywhere.

You should not decorate the walls of children’s rooms in bright colors, let it be calm, pastel color. Smaller glass and metal, style “HiTech” — not the best choice for the nursery. Bedding and clothing, if possible, should be made of natural materials.

It should not be on the night watch horrible Western cartoons and play music, supposedly for better sleep… and to the selection of tales for children, which describes the night must be approached responsibly.

And, of course, the obligatory kiss in the morning, thank you and please throughout the day, wish good night. But the laughter, the smile, the hug, and we will not speak — that goes without saying.

Describes the principles of development and upbringing of children are among the fundamental to Waldorf pedagogy – one of the most fashionable NIN techniques early child development and taken it with her. This is not to say that you have to drop everything and plunge into learning a new technique. We want to say quite different — read everything, and use only what you think is useful for your child. Nurture the baby as the heart tells you, and believe that in the future the phrase “happy childhood” will cause absolutely no longer the child’s positive emotions.