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The Second child in the family

The birth of the first child is a real happiness for the family. The advent of the second baby is fair to call happiness squared. However, the lion’s share of couples still do not dare to repeated replenishment, having a lot of doubts and misgivings.

Being in thought, young parents, lose physical strength, and of childbearing age gradually goes away. Consider the main advantages and disadvantages of the emergence of a second baby in the family.

Planning pregnancy should be approached with all responsibility. What to do with the future mom and dad, read our article .

Financial position

“The second we can’t handle” — that’s the main reason why most parents decide to stop at one child. Even families who have no financial constraints, you still decide to abandon this idea. Because desires and demands are constantly growing, and loving family strives to provide their child the best of everything.

Parents often exaggerate costs coming, I am abandoning the idea of having a second child. Before making a decision it is recommended to take a sober approach to the issue and to calculate the actual budget that would be needed for the birth and upbringing of the baby.

The second child will inherit the lion’s share of things from a brother or sister. Basic things needed for a baby will already be available:

cots available;



car seat;

most of the toys and clothes (depending on gender).

Total, the main costs will remain the diapers and other stuff that can cause serious damage to the family budget.

Concern for the future of children is quite understandable and clear. However, parents will have in reserve at least 15 years to accumulate the required amount for admission to the University. Children are the most effective stimulation for creating a successful career and family welfare.

When is the best time to give birth to a second?

First of all, parents need to understand that pregnancy is a difficult period in a woman’s life. Even after the birth of first child remains many difficulties that must be overcome before you think about recruiting.

First, a woman’s psychological state must be in harmony. She needs to get used to a new social role, to adapt to a new lifestyle.

Secondly, the reproductive system will not be able to conceive or carry a child, if the strength of the organism is not recovered.

The interval between the first child and second baby on medical recommendations should not be less than 2 years.

If the first birth had complications, then you must avoid pregnancy for 3-4 years.

The ideal age difference:

Based on the age of the parents

Age limits parents for giving birth to a second baby are a contentious topic, both from the medical point of view. For the most part on the process of pregnancy is influenced by the age and health of the mother. Men childbearing remain much longer.

If You are planning another pregnancy after 27 years, you must undergo a full medical examination, to ascertain the condition of your hormones and affect him if necessary.

The risk of late delivery is the increased likelihood of caesarean section. The maturity of the mother is a precipitating factor that the delivery will be with complications. Together with the biological age women age and her eggs. After 30 years of female reproductive system perceives the egg, like a marriage or unnecessary for the body component. Therefore, the risk of miscarriage increases to 40%.

The age of the parents after 28 years affects the condition of the placenta, which often has signs of failure. That is, the fruit develops much faster than the placenta.

Pregnancy after 30 can bring the family surprises. The woman’s body perceives this pregnancy as the last chance to procreate. Therefore, there are cases of multiple births, even if this phenomenon is not met in Your family.

The older the couple, the greater the chances of passing on a genetic level existing disease and pathologies that pair had time to accumulate to a given age. This factor also includes the health of men. Therefore, the second child after 35 years – it is a risk.

Men after 26 years gradually lose the ability to conceive a healthy baby. Every year, this probability falls to 5%. Mature fathers are at risk of conceiving a fetus with congenital abnormalities.

However, in addition to negative beliefs, medicine has opened a number of positive aspects relating to late pregnancy with her second child. The process of bearing a positive impact on a woman’s body after 30 years. All its systems and organs begin to work harder, the whole body is rejuvenated.

Own strength and capabilities

Every parents love their children, but to raise a baby is hard work, which is not always desirable to repeat again. Different pairs may have a completely different atmosphere in the family on equal terms. Some parents can work, take care of the baby, have your own Hobbies and time to pay attention to domestic Affairs.

Other couples barely have time to work while being under constant stress, taking it out on each other and the child.

The difference between the situations is formed by such factors:

financial security;

the complexity of the work and stress vulnerability;

the organization of everyday things;

correct allocation of responsibilities;

psychological harmony.

If these conditions are met in Your family, then you shouldn’t worry that the second child will cut the ground from under his feet. Successfully taking care of one child, You will not feel any difficulties with the second. If Your family meets all criteria, we must evaluate your power sensibly.

Psychology of the family

Many couples are hesitant to have another child, due to the psychological nuances. The question, is it possible to love both children equally, acute as ever.

The fears and worries that the second baby will not be able to cause as much affection and care as the first, are empty and contrived.

This belief is a complete fallacy. A mother’s love cannot be measured in any way. Caring parents is boundless and inexhaustible.

Too often, families are concerned about the issue of jealousy between children. This situation has to be confirmed by statistical data, but to predict its probability is not possible.

If the parents have chosen the right age difference, the issue is no longer relevant. The right approach and careful planning second pregnancy is the key to success harmony in the family.

Some sex of the baby

Many parents want to follow the ideal model of the family where there are two children: a boy and a girl. A child of the same sex is already there, now the family needs the relevant replenishment.

Thoughts are material and ardent desire of the birth of a girl is only a plus. However, you cannot expect 100% result. Because there are things that simply can not be affected.

Parents may conclude between themselves an agreement, how many attempts they can take to achieve the desired result. However, you should emotionally prepare yourself for the fact that the baby is a gift and it appearance, regardless of gender, is already a great happiness.

The child begins to feel, while still in the womb, so You should give him confidence in Your care, no matter what.

Other fears and concerns:

the desire to devote time to yourself – after birth of first child life changed dramatically and now that the most difficult phase of his upbringing behind, I want to devote time to themselves. If properly and efficiently manage your time, it is possible to allocate available evenings and even weekends;

the desire to break from the sleepless nights – all skills after the birth of their firstborn will be held at “the machine” and will not bring much inconvenience;

fear of losing a job because of pregnancy – not necessarily to take maternity leave. If the work is a necessary condition for Your family, then you can use the services of a nanny to work part-time;

the complexity of delivery if the first delivery was with complications, fear of their repetition, is well founded. However, the birth of the second child is much easier for physiological reasons;

the desire to defer the Deposit of then – parents often feel that now is not the time for it. If this opinion has objective reasons, you really should eliminate some of the nuances and to establish the position before pregnancy.