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The influence of computer games on children

Favorite toys modern kids long gone from horses and babies. even Barbie dolls and robots-transformers lost its former appeal. Today, the most prized game computers. After all, they have a world – exciting journeys, “shooters” adventure “action”, puzzles. And no end in sight and the edge of the computer games that can replace all the tin soldiers, dolls and plush animals combined.

Why kids love games on the computer? Computer games allow the child to experience the whole spectrum of emotions: excitement, happiness and joy to anger, fear, aggression.

But excessive computer games can develop into a serious addiction. The virtual world can easily replace the reality is the school, the lessons, the soup with the cooked onions and many boring and unloved child things.

Many believe that uncontrolled passion virtual games caused by laziness and craving for entertainment than serious psychological problems. But this is not entirely true!

What is the influence of computer games on the child?

Manufacturers of computer games strongly supported and promoted the view that while playing, the child develops manual dexterity and improve their computer literacy. Due to this, computer games are spread everywhere. However, numerous studies show that games, especially those with violent content, make Teens much more aggressive.

The degree of aggressiveness exhibited by adolescents directly depends on the time that they spend at the computer. In one study, the majority of Teens admitted that their parents do not limit their time – they can play all you want. Studies have also shown that most parents don’t know what their children are playing.

In another study established that statistic: teenage girls playing the computer an average of 5 hours per week, while boys 13 hours per week. The authors of this study also argue that teenagers who play violent games, for a long time become more aggressive and prone to confrontation with their teachers, participate in fights, they have falling grades at school.

Interactive games are different from TV or a movie, where the perception of violence passively. Here children become active participants in the scenario. Players that successfully complete a number of violent acts. move to the next level. The researchers argue that this kind of interactive fun increase aggressive behavior because violent acts are constantly repeated. Thus secured a stereotype.

Also stimulate players to identify with their characters. This is an interactive action from “first person” because children have the ability to make decisions. No need carnival costume, the child became almost a member of the theatrical performances with the pirates, spider-Man, Batman, Harry Potter and other characters.

To take action?

Because of the popularity, to completely eliminate computer games with elements of violence in the life of a child is unlikely to succeed. But you can reduce the negative effects on your child.

Here are some tips:

• See exactly what your child plays.

• It is not recommended to gifts teenagers to present the game, even if they ask.

• Do not install gaming computer in the bedroom of the child.

• Ration the time out, the child for the game, enter the time limit and frequency.

• Keep track of all the information channels used by your child, including television, film and the Internet.

• Monitor Internet there are many free online gaming sites.

The influence of computer games on physical health of children:

Different shooting, simulation, action games and a variety of leisure activities for children aged 6 years and older (if parents regularly take computer games child of less age, all the problems that will be discussed later, can increase exponentially).

Watch how your child plays on the computer: probably sits in the same position, with your back twisted, staring at the screen without blinking… That’s what it is.

Pediatricians and ophthalmologists in unison talking about the detrimental effects of computer games on children’s health. Prolonged sitting in an incorrect posture gives the load on the spine and still immature muscular system accelerates the development of scoliosis.

The constant use of the mouse can lead to the fact that the child can start to go numb and hurt the fingers of the right hand (or left if he’s left-handed and holding the mouse with the left hand). This so-called tunnel syndrome is repetitive stress on the brush leads to compression of the nerves.

The children’s eyes, intently, without blinking, watching what is happening on the screen, you get an enormous load. Remember – even you after a day of sitting behind a monitor in the eyes like sand poured.

What can we say about the baby? Eye fatigue, redness and dry eye are common signs of computer vision syndrome opticians see many children.

The result is a progressive myopia, headaches…

And add to that the additional load during the academic year when children spend more time sitting and straining your eyes.

Distorted perception of the world – the trouble with modern children

Separately want to say about the influence of computer games involving violence on the psyche of children, especially boys 8-15 years, as they traditionally are the target audience of games related to military campaigns, operations, battles with monsters, etc.

Media, doctors and teachers are sounding the alarm about the growing problem of child abuse. Cases where children and teenagers are killing their peers, have become so frequent that even ceased to shock. But the origins of this “animal” cruelty is largely out of the computer “toys” that cultivate strength.

In children, often playing “shooter”, distorted perception of the world:

• the child is associating himself with the immortal computer hero and gets used to the fact that if it is “killed”, you can start the game again – dulled sense of self-preservation, and now on the street he thinks he’s capable of with ease and without risking life and limb to make some dizzying trick;

• the child begins to believe that the resolution of any conflicts with use of force and weapons is the norm, and not even trying to resolve a conflict in real life peacefully, just do not know how to do that;

• for the most violent acts and murder the heroes of computer games are not responsible – this model of behavior is tolerated by the child and the real world: you can hit the blood to beat your opponent – and you won’t be!