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Small children exhibit aggression

Little children show aggression.

This article is dedicated to one of the most awkward moments in parenting. What will go in her speech, usually shamefully hushed up.

Childhood and motherhood (by someone very stupid and evil) has long been turned into a sugary goods, painted in bright pink color, and is sold on the same rack with contemptible cards.

In the mass consciousness alone governs the myth “Children – flowers of life. And they bring parents joy” . All that does not fit into the framework of this myth, ruthlessly expelled and is being slighted as “your problems”.

All this testifies to the psychological ignorance of society in General. How this illiteracy has on parents and children?

As parents suffer?

Parents, when faced with a natural (not invented by marketers) nature of the little man is horrified. The implications of this horror – stereotypical.

Parents can:

to doubt that they are good parents (if you are used to accuse himself);

to doubt that they have a normal child (if used to blaming others);

disappointed in motherhood;

to be disappointed in life in General.

And all this only because we all know little about

THE EARLY STAGES OF HUMAN DEVELOPMENT (CHILD). This is a specific amount of boring knowledge, which still stands to hammer my head.

As the children suffer?

And the children suffer so

they normally cease to love,

they begin to fear,

therefore, they interfere with normal development

the children grow up, having undeveloped faculties.

In the old days this was all a lot easier. The lack of psychological literacy was completed with a huge amount of life experience in dealing with babies. If You have never raised chickens and don’t know how to approach them,then You put ten years into the coop, and You without any veterinary diploma will be in ten years an expert in the field of breeding chickens. You may even not be able to read.

Why do You think the producers of dolls-dolls at one point released a new model of a toy that can. to urinate?

(It’s a doll, inside of which is the water tank. The doll can drink from with its toy baby bottle, and then the pups “wets” diaper)

But at the insistence of the state psychologists, who scored the alarm!

The fact that children who played in daughters and mothers with normal dolls, growing up, and becoming mothers themselves, were “taken aback” their “baby”, unlike dolls, behaves strangely.

Why earlier history, traditional (not able to urinate) dolls not caused in consequence of cognitive dissonance in young mothers?

Yes just because the majority of young mothers of former times visited not only the “moms” their porcelain and rag dolls, but also older sisters, his brothers, sisters and cousins. And even wet diapers they have seen in sufficient numbers to guess about what awaits them in the near future.

And now I will dispel is extremely harmful myth about children-angels. This myth, like the myth that ‘bread grow on trees right in the cellophane”. Instead, listen to the truth. (I can easily check by opening any textbook on psychology. That’s just – opened. So

when a small child swings at his mother, he does the NORMAL action for the development of its own aggression.

And what about the “wrong” with mothers whom such action is always (unless the student-psihologii, which at this point pass “Age psychology”) causing shock, rage, sadness or complete stupor, depending on temperament?

What’s wrong with mothers?

Well, first, they heard somewhere (from the sources of mass culture) that a normal child can’t raise a hand against his normal mother is “unnatural”. (Although, unnatural, on the contrary, this thought).

And secondly. Many mothers become mothers with only one purpose: to have always at hand a living toy that will be committed to them eternal adoration, love and gratitude. What is not made from the man-the Prince – making of the child. And achieve the same. Price fatal distortion of nature and the natural order of things.

And so when a small man in full compliance with age-related stages of development beginning to develop such a necessary thing as aggression, mothers comes first fatal sobering.

They finally leave the rack with pink cards and face the reality. And there is the rain. And they have no umbrella.

Now I make a umbrella. Attention!

So, little baby for the first time commits a new for themselves and for all others action. He swings at his mother.

(Let the cries of “All in daddy” and “will Grow up to be a repeat offender”, huh?)

So, what happened, if you speak the language of psychology?

The child masters a new and necessary gesture. In the future, life will deliver such situations, where sharpness of this gesture is necessary. The kitten and the puppy will bite. The child will – threaten.

But what happens at this point?

Of course, my mother believes this action is necessary to prevent! In this case, while there is nothing wrong. No one encourages the mother to become a punching bag for her in the future the son eclipsed the glory of Klitschko.

But the way she ’s attempts to curb”, there are options, one of which is correct, the other not.

The correct option of restraint

Mother calmly explains to the child, the mother CAN be ANGRY. A mother cannot be beat.

Thus, in tranquil surroundings, the child gets to another important and useful lesson, in a number of other lessons:

the dog can not climb into the bowl when she eats,

my mom is impossible to beat

on the road going car, it is impossible to run out

at other people’s uncles and aunts should not go without panties,

the computer cannot be reset from the table.

Wrong option of restraint

It’s any mom’s reaction that will lead the child to suspicion: «I will cease to love, if I “it” will do”!

To such (incorrect) responses moms include: hysteria, resentment, anger.

The child is not able to build complex structures of interpersonal relations. He just understands “here and now” mom doesn’t like me!

What wrong conclusions when it comes to a child?

You can’t be aggressive at all. (Aggression is fraught with loss of the source of life – death)

Especially not to show aggression in relation to significant others (so grow up “clogged” wife “husbands-rag”)

Thus the child grows up, with underdeveloped abilities?

Yes. Getting hysterical reaction from mom, the child develops the ability to perform PHYSICAL activities that require exactly that – free movement – zamachivanie.

In any action, including the ability to shoot (hand, foot. ), he imposed a ban.