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Psychosis after childbirth

Postpartum psychosis is a condition often occurring in women after childbirth. The disease is caused by complications arising during childbirth. In this context, it is important not to leave signs of postpartum psychosis without attention. If a young mother diagnosed with psychosis after childbirth . you should not postpone the visit to the specialist, because treatment is required, and independently with psychosis not cope. But then there was some feature of it, because most women suffering from this disease, just do not notice that you have the symptoms of postpartum psychosis. In addition, many relatives also not serious to such disease of a young mother, believing that it is only the vagaries.

It is necessary to divide concepts such as postpartum psychosis and depression after childbirth. As one illness and another, quite heavy, and requires medical treatment. But in this case, is applied to a different therapy. Depression after childbirth is treated with the use of some antidepressants. while in postpartum psychosis antipsychotics are used. Moreover, it should be noted that the incidence of postpartum psychosis are less common, and must not be confused with postpartum depression, it occurs in the first weeks almost every young mother. This condition often does not need treatment, goes away on its own. But in some protracted cases, the spleen may go into depression. There is already an action required of a qualified professional.

Psychosis after childbirth should not be underestimated, this psychotic condition is quite serious. Interestingly, those suffering from this disease of women during pregnancy, no abnormalities were observed, suggesting the occurrence of psychosis in the future. According to the assumptions of the doctors, blame the imbalance of hormones, which is always available after the birth. Besides postpartum psychosis peculiar to women with a variety of disorders and diseases in history. More susceptible to this disease young mothers with bipolar disorders, schizophrenia. Risk factors for this disease include those who have previously used drugs.

The symptoms of postpartum psychosis

Practice shows that in healthy women may develop psychosis, if in connection with the birth of the baby they had experienced severe emotional stress. But when the disease makes itself known? Usually the occurrence of postpartum psychosis is noticeable already after three days after birth, sometimes later. These characteristics included such a feature, as the loss of connection with reality. If psychosis after childbirth continues to progress, higher nervous activity of the patient is breached. Immediately postpartum psychosis is manifested as mild or in severe. Sometimes the condition of the young mother is so complex that it is completely deprived of the opportunity to independently cares about the kid.

The development of psychosis is quite individual, and the signs are not always the same. For example, sometimes the woman found manic symptoms. They expressed the fact that the excitation level is increased, there are various ideas that have no connection with reality. Also quite common in psychosis can be considered hallucinations. and mostly they were hearing. Gradually the young mother begins to suffer a personality change, becoming abnormal thinking. Thus, in psychosis, the woman finds it difficult to articulate their thoughts, to make them more orderly. In such cases, the conversations become incoherent, and the expression of thoughts is without intelligible content. Even close it’s hard to understand what she has intentions, and what is trying to achieve.

In this case the patient is not capable of adequate self-esteem, and correctly identify its own state she can’t. It is very difficult to convince a young mother that she needs medical help, and urgently. In any case, the relatives must make every effort to reach the goal, and to convince women of the need for treatment. After a certain time after the start of treatment, the woman begins to realize how wrong her behavior was, and many beliefs. The symptoms of postpartum psychosis include the disorder of appetite. Often proper nutrition for young moms are just not available because she has irregular eating habits.

Diagnosis and treatment

To go to the doctor is necessary if the woman or her relatives noticed these symptoms. The specialist conducts a full investigation to reveal the real condition. May be identified organic diseases, and through the analysis of blood and other research can be objectively reveals the reason due to which there was a psychosis after childbirth . Moreover, it is desirable to conduct a neurological examination, which is also able to figure out what was the basis for the disease. Will not be superfluous computer tomography. Currently, the treatment of this disease is not new and has been practiced for a long time. Prescribe medications are used both orally and applied them intramuscular.

Any prescribed medication should be used immediately, as the doctor will prescribe. For the treatment of postpartum psychosis, it is important that the disease was initiated as early as possible, the success of therapy is due largely to this factor. The efficacy of treatment is reduced, if launched with a delay. Sometimes women believe that there is no urgency in such treatment. But you should know that the condition is deteriorating rapidly, which entails a serious threat to the health of a young mother and her baby. Based on this need to know that prevention of postpartum psychosis should be started before the child is born. A pregnant woman should always be in comfort, and always feel the care of loved ones.