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Positive parenting Training

Are You familiar with the condition where you want to yell at your child?

Or even to hit him?

Or are you confused and don’t know what to say to your child?

Or you think that you are too much from him?

And maybe sometimes you’re angry at yourself and you think that you are wrong to bring up?

because you have a lot of work and little time to engage the child

because you want every time as better, but it turns out, at least not in the way you want

because you, too, “so” raised

because it turns out that you don’t control the child, and the child – you

because sometimes you just don’t have the patience to do everything according to the rules written in books on education

And at the same time you really love

your son or daughter

and very want

the child grew up independent, strong, free, creative,

and most importantly happy and healthy

In our days the world is facing a crisis of education. In the past, the goal of education was to teach children obedience.

Positive parenting aims to raise the strong-willed child, but inclined to cooperate.

In order to raise healthy, able to cooperate with children, we need to modernize their methods of education. Enable children to feel confident in the free world, it is good to educate them with the most effective and modern methods.

Positive education is committed to creating confident leaders capable of creating its own destiny, and not just follow in the footsteps of those who have gone before. Confident children are clearly aware of who they are and what they want to achieve.

In front of all the parents periodically arise various problems, questions:

how to cope with its endless “no”?

what is the cause of frequent childhood diseases?

how to educate a hyperactive child?

whether or not to punish the child?

what to do if the child does not want to learn?

how to teach him to order?

how to teach your child get along with other children?

what to do with the outbreaks of his anger?

how to survive without consequences age crises?

I’m Vladimir Shinov and I’m taking a course for parents on raising children in “the School is a happy life”. And these questions ask me on every training that I carry out

Think about parenting already written in the books. Just go to the bookstore and look at the shelf “psychology”: “spare the rod and stick”, “Education without errors. The book is difficult for parents”, “How to raise a smart child”, and so on…

Written and published hundreds of books about parenting. Written in them, as right and as wrong to raise children. In these books, it is often possible to find good advice, but very often you can also just get lost in the abundance of the proposed methods. And most importantly, no main.

I’ll walk the course “Positive parenting” in order to not just tell, but to TEACH parents to behave in new ways

As you know, the person remembers no more than 10% of the information he read, 30% of the information which he saw with his own eyes, and not less than 70% of what he was doing. The course provides sustainable SKILLS in recurring situations in dealing with the child.

Performing individual and group exercises You will learn HOW to raise children in a new way.

Parents often complain to me that children are disobedient, inconsiderate, too aggressive that they do not learn or do not think about the parents. That is why it is impossible to agree on anything that on every occasion they argue or just say “no”.

You can choose two options of behavior in this situation:

Leave it as is and maybe after a while the situation itself will change


To change something that is, to change their behaviors and get very different responses of the children.

I have seen this with my own experience, raising two sons and two daughters: children react to the new approach immediately. Children are extremely malleable and easy to change, should give them the necessary love and support.

I can help You better understand their children and to learn to live with them with pleasure. I’ll talk on the training:

Positive parenting

The five principles of positive parenting

He misbehaves? What are the real causes of the child’s behavior and what to do about it

Key mistakes made by every parent when the threats are not

New methods of establishing cooperation with the child

How to talk to the child, if he will “hear” as You hear “no!” – to any request

Four ways to overcome resistance

A few magic words that completely change the situation

What if the child still cannot hear You. Alternative “ extreme” measures

What is the temperament of Your child? Selection of methods of education under the temperament of Your child

The answer to the question: what are the rituals of love and why are they important for your child?

How to waive the penalties and what to use instead

How to properly respond to the child’s mistakes

What to do if a child is rioting in public

The answer to the question: What is a strong parent or whether the child is a choice?

New methods of approval authorities

Why children do not need flawless parents and what kind of parents they need

The answer to the question: Why is useless to shout?

How to give commands and why don’t need an explanation

How to order teenagers

Examples of the effective use of orders

New methods of maintaining control over the situation

How to set the timeout and why it’s important

The answer to the question: How to release negative emotions?

How to teach your child responsibility

Education thinking skills. Than the memory of children is different from memory adults

How to raise boys and girls

This is only part of what will be discussed.

Using these new methods can encourage the cooperation of all the kids — regardless of age and previously educational approaches.

This course will really help you in raising children.

Positive parenting make your children successful, able to cope with any difficulties in life, get rid of guilt and fear

And will make you truly happy parents, allowing to solve the problems associated with raising children in today’s world

And You will never want to shout at Your child, and You will not doubt your parenting skills, because You just apply one of the technologies which you will learn at the training, I would say one of the magic words and the situation will be resolved, as will be well and You and Your child

The training will be a lively, eventful and most practical

Less theory, only working with proven tools and methodologies