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Parenting is an art, requiring special skills.

Generally, there are three styles of parenting: authoritative, authoritarian and permissive.

Each parent contributes its own flavor to the educational process is based on personal experience, more practice than theory. Don’t underestimate the observations of parents in the education, learning and behavior of their children. And then only to the influence of the gene, cultural and financial values.

Although we have all heard the proverb, she says: “Genes don’t get crushed” .

If we consider the possibility of child rearing authoritative parents . it is clearly a warm and close relationship, often come into contact with each other.

With this mutual understanding and style effects on the child ( authoritative ) in the house always there is an atmosphere of love and understanding. Authoritative parents at the right time always create the desired emotional support for their children, even during the waking child in the morning, parents will find the right approach. Accordingly, in the measure of their position in education . in any situation remain fair and consistent. In this style has its own Golden mean: children always know that parents at the right moment will come to the rescue. The result is an authoritative style will lead to the fact that the child will be less susceptible to influence by their peers, will become confident and responsible, rarely is confirmed to be depressed.

The authoritarian style of parenting carries a tough and demanding . About neginoth and love, speech in a style that can not even be. The child must be clear and correct. Everything must be exactly as instructed otochenny in the mind of these parents for years. Compromises in principle may not be at all, even when it comes to food. The discipline established and familiar rules in the first place. But if you managed to deviate from the course of education, it inevitably physical punishment, even without discussion. As a result of parenting – the baby always tries to behave perfectly, afraid to stumble or to make a reservation. The life of such a child – affecting sleepy vicious circle. As in a small age, so in the future, they are easily influenced by first the parents, then peers. And the result of this style – it oneblue being anything under their own simply sandwiched society.

The education of the parents (liberal style: the attitude of the child and the parents basically always quite warm, trusting and friendly. Discipline limps in such cases the child, because this attitude of parents into the hands of children. Parents usually don’t make big bets on the future of the child. Most importantly – taking care of a loved Chad today and happiness now. Rules in the upbringing of liberal parents don’t exist, but, unfortunately, in such families children are often unhappy – they are prone to depression, crime, and early sexual activity.

The above mentioned does not encourage you to change your life in a particular direction, I just wish, that each of the adults (be it mom or dad) are thinking: how in the future he wants to see his hot loving child.

Therefore, parents must choose their children’s education .