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Mom, I’m scared!

Mom, I’m scared! — with a shout and cry ran into the parent’s bedroom a little Pasha. Clinging to his mother’s breast, he babbled:

— There… dark… under the bed… terrible…

Mom put her son beside him, patted on the head, and he immediately fell asleep.

— Lisa, so not, — said in a whisper dad, Anatoly Vasiliev. — so You will want to grow up the son of a weakling and a rag. Nothing to appease his fears. Or do you want him to 18 years old slept with us in the same bed?

— what do you suggest? — offended Lisa. — to Lock him in the room — and let him cry into hysterics? You know, better to let the wuss and wuss than neurotic or schizophrenic.

— I Agree, this is also not an option. But then what to do?

— Go to sleep… Tomorrow go ask your mom. It is after all a teacher has worked all her life, have an understanding of child psychology.

The next day on a visit to Vasiliev came grandmother, Elena. After playing with his grandson and putting him for a NAP, she listened to the arguments of both parents, smiled and began her story. — Ah, youth, how I understand you. Because the problem of children’s fears faced by all parents, and my grandfather is no exception. Here you are, shreds, very afraid of strangers. Cost to invite your friends — you’ve locked myself in my room and not come out under any circumstances. ‘t remember? Then remember how your sister Katya was afraid to go to the doctor! As we were persuaded, candy promised, a favorite toy with him. Like rag has not grown over the Institute this year ends are straight. But partly you, Tolik, rights: not to indulge the fears of the child. During the panic talking to him is useless, but then, once calm, it is necessary to explain that in the dark no monster does not happen, other people will not take him, the doctor makes only useful protsedurki, and so on.

— But why these fears appear in children? ” Lisa asked.

— you Know, very often fears inspire kids, parents, threatening for disobedience that will come Baba Yaga or the Gray Wolf and get capricious. You, as far as I know, don’t do that and that’s right: after all, what adult seems simple exaggeration, a joke, the baby may develop serious fear.

Another situation (also, luckily, not your case) — this is the constant quarrels of the parents. The child subconsciously accepts the abuse of loved ones to your account. “If mom and dad cry, so I’m bad, not encouraging them», — such a conclusion makes a baby. Even stress mothers during pregnancy may subsequently provoke the child’s nervousness.

— Oh, it’s not easy to raise children. Yes, Lisa? — said thoughtfully shreds. — And they don’t understand it and interpret it, all for something make.

— And this is because Roofing — again entered the conversation, the mother, — that children under 7 years are very developed imagination. So almost every preschooler is afraid of something, most often it is fear of the dark or of being alone. Staying alone with yourself, the child begins to fantasize about the incredible dangers that can occur: the ceiling will collapse or the dragon out of the closet will come out! But all this only shows the rich imagination and normal brain development of the child. There will beliefs of parents and role-playing games in which the child will have to defeat a terrifying villain. Very useful together with the kid to draw his fears with bright colors. Much stronger must be troubled by the parents if the child is 3-5 years old are not afraid of anything!

— Any fears harmless? Or you should pay special attention to? — continued to be interested in Lisa.

— Are objective fears. For example, the child is afraid of dogs, because once a dog has bitten, or is afraid of water, because recently almost drowned. Or as Katya: doctor hurt pricked her finger, so she was afraid of doctors. Most often, the fears go away, especially if parents support your child: play together with some water in the bathroom, petting the neighbor’s dog playing in the hospital.

” Yes, mom, and you know everything. And all you just folded on shelves, — looking tenderly at her mother, said Roofing.

— of Course, I you and Katia grew. A bunch of children’s books in different topics read — Elena thought.

— that, incidentally, is still remembered. There is a special kind of fear — unexplained and unjustified. Well, for example, if a child is afraid of any one picture in the book, specific toys, clothing, food, furniture. It is afraid, and not just likes. Such fear can speak of a serious deviation in the psyche of the baby. So if, God forbid, you find Palenki such fear, immediately take him to a child psychologist!

— Thanks, mom, for such a detailed story, — said Tolia. — How to overcome fear, we sort of understand. But, maybe there are some rules, techniques to prevent the appearance of fear, to strengthen the child’s mind?

— Yes, here you are again right. There are very simple rules! Basically fears susceptible to lonely children. Spend with Pavlik as much as possible, walk on the playgrounds, where he will be able to communicate more with other children. You can write it in any circle, the section, at least until he will not go to kindergarten.

By the way, happens so that the child grows up in a loving family, communicating with children, but still get nervous, timid. This may be the result of poor nutrition, bad ecology. From these factors, today all suffer, and to maintain the health of the baby will help specially designed biologically active food supplements.

— Why supplements? — skeptically asked Lisa. — I like well-fed Pasha!

— And then that they will make up for the deficiency of vitamins, minerals and other important health components. With food, even the most diverse, the child will not be able to complete a full course of necessary nutrients, so you need at least a couple times a year to take the course BAD. So, nervousness is often called “guilty” deficiency of vitamin A. It can be filled with biologically active additives Junior be wise; Junior be Smart will help your baby to develop the brain, and the Junior Neo will protect the immunity of the child. These additives was developed by Vision for children over four years, and when the Pasha will be six, pay attention to other products from the Direct Hit for children: Junior be big and Junior Halsey. And do pick up a set of SUPPLEMENTS Vision: after all, baby needs a healthy and happy parents! And I will help you, because I recently became an independent consultant Vision.

From a child he heard a sleepy grunt.

— Oh, that and Pasha woke up, — said with a smile Lisa. — Thank you, Elena, for the story and for the advice. We definitely will consider them and will do everything for our son to grow up healthy, strong, smart and overcame all their fears!