baby children game help life school work

Lessons, notes – early childhood education

Place of work: MUNICIPAL «Savinsky kindergarten” ,Perm region,Karagay district,D. Savino

Purpose: the Foundation of healthy lifestyle in children of preschool age


1. To raise understanding of the value of their children’s health,the desire not to hurt,in the spring to strengthen your health food vitamin

2. To train children in distinguishing and naming fruits carrots,beets,onions, lemon,orange,Apple, tomato to the touch

3. To develop the speech of the children

Material: veterinarian doll, a car, a bag of plaster casts of fruit and vegetables,hand mirror,laptop,recording music Aibolit and physical minutes

The course

Educator. Children. somebody’s in a hurry ,a riddle and you will know who he is

Treats small children

Treats birds and beasts

Through the glasses of their looks

The good doctor…….

( in force under the music “arrives” veterinarian)

Teacher :Children,what do we have here? Properly,this is the good doctor Aibolit fairy

The doctor: Hello,children! How do you feel,all healthy,let me have a look

(the tutor with the Veterinarian bypasses,all children and gives them the opportunity to look at yourself in the mirror)

The doctor :Look at your rosy cheeks,cheerful eyes,your beautiful smile( pats children on the head,shoulders,hands)

I’m so glad you all are healthy that you will not get sick. Well done.

Teacher :Dear doctor, our children each day to be healthy ,eat green onions growing on the windowsill

Veterinarian it’s good,It’s very fine. Show where you grow green onions?

(children with a caregiver come to the window sill)

Children :This is the bow we put together with the tutor. These green leaves we cut and eat them

Aibolit. In Luke many vitamins,are and will be healthy

The doctor: Well I can see you no one is sick!

Visminda music

Veterinarian So as not to cough, sneeze,

Exercises should be executed.

(Do the exercises)

We don’t need to heal,

The good doctor Aibolit.

We will run and walk,

Will power to type.

Don’t hurt our tummies

Among the poor hippos.

To the sun we pull,

And then sit down to grass.

Like eagles, fly, soar,

In all directions of gaze.

Where is Africa a country?

Maybe the help they need?

Together with Chita, we ride,

How funny, sonorous balls.

Skok-because, Skok-because,

Don’t cling to the twig.

Together to to poor ostriches

The grass will come.

The legs will raise,

Through thick grass to tread.

All we had help,

Choose strong we have become.

The doctor :I can see how well you do exercises

I brought healthy vegetables and fruits

I hid in a bag ,you learn them

Conducts a game «Learn to touch healthy vegetables, fruits” carrots,beets,onion,Apple,orange,lemon,tomato)

Aibolit. In vegetables and fruits contain many vitamins ,not to get sick you should eat them all year round, but especially in the spring

Teacher: Thank you ,doctor,for taking care of the health of our kids

Veterinarian now tell me,why you should eat fruits and vegetables

Children. to be sturdy,strong and not get sick.

The teacher Let the children come to our garden and cut green onions for doctor Dolittle, to treat him

(children with a caregiver are treated Dolittle onions)

Veterinarian Thanks guys. I need to leave .

Teacher goodbye veterinarian,come again.

(The doctor leaves)

Teacher: What have you learned today? How cares about your health?