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I love my parents

Well, here again, again behind the wall Irinka screams out as toiling, like cutting. HIH. This is Irinco, our neighbor has a mother, her mother came home from work, and the father again something from home took. Here she and her beats, like Irinka’s fault. She always has. Well known thing, says my mother, did a lot of work – tired. Irinka is a girl. She’s our neighbor, and lives through the wall. But the walls are very thin, that’s all very well I hear. Her years as much as me. And beat her almost every day, first her mother, when work is returned, and then the folder, simply because life failed. So says her folder – uncle of Roofing felt. But it is not so. This is because her parents are drunks and she doesn’t like them. So said aunt Mary from across the street. Aunt Mary knows everything about everyone And I love my mom and dad. They have a very good. Sometimes that is hitting me, but not like Irinka. Here.

And I want to tell You about himself and about his father and mother? Well I know what you want, listen.

We live in a small apartment, in a mining village. But for some reason our house is called Barak. I don’t know what the house is different from Barack, but maybe something different for sure. My mother always complains that folder and called him a fool, said that he lived to old age, and even the apartment itself, not earned. And I like ours. Two small rooms, not enough space, but it can be an interesting game to play. To walk from the bedroom to the kitchen without touching the floor. First on the bed, then on the sofa in the hall, and then on the stools – and you’re in the kitchen. Here. Further. I still six years old, soon to be seven and I will go to school. School far we have to go three miles there and three back. I guess I’m tired. All people say that I’m big and I’m a real man.

What it is, I don’t know. How can there be men not real? But say that normally my dad and mom when you need to go tearing up the grass to the rabbits. This, they say, an honorable duty. Don’t know why she is honorable, but the fact that objazannosti – that’s for sure. I tied the rope from the bag. This bag is so huge. I hate these furry animals, these voracious creatures. How I shed their tears as they brought me harm. Why is their no one will eat or they will die. What a joy it would be. Once, when I was researching them the damn grass, I took the knife and cut my finger, it was very painful. Blood will rush from your finger, and let to drip on the grass. I was so frightened, I was scared. What if I cut off a finger would be quite? Just awful. Roaring and smearing the tears and the blood on her cheeks, I ran home, and when he ran, he found his mother lying on the floor, she was fast asleep, head tucked under the boots, and saw that his hand was in my blood. And the folder has not yet returned from work. I stood in the kitchen, near to his mother and cried. I know that men don’t cry, but I felt sorry for your finger. And then came the folder, he saw that I had the blood, grabbed a soldier’s belt buckle and began to beat his mother on his back, kick his butt, where necessary. He beat her with his belt and I cried and begged him not to touch her, I shouted that she didn’t get me cut that myself when I ripped the rabbits grass. I love my mother, and I was sorry for her, although we have strict mother. Here. Then of course they understood, and the blood stopped. Dam is also out of anger hit folder. But everything calmed down in the end. And folder ran to the store for vodka, dam him money gave it to, that would completely make it up, and it felt so good that they don’t fight and don’t fight that I completely forgot about how I was hurt. Let him drink, but would not fight, I’m sorry? I love my mom and dad.

Once my folder went to town, I don’t remember why, it was a long time ago, I was very young. There we rode the trams, trolley buses, the city had such big buildings, the smallest of them seemed huge, in our village these buildings are not. Wow, I liked it there. Here. We walked with him for some rooms, the corridors, the folder with someone talking, probably with the chiefs, and when it was over, went into the dining room. There they brought us dinner. Real burgers and real coffee. I’m not when I did not eat any burgers or coffee, dam reason not preparing cutlets, probably not able. Everything was so delicious, and the folder got me a bottle of wine. I don’t know why adults do it, he said that the appetite was better. I once tried when no one saw swig from the bottle, Oh, so disgusting. Somehow I appetite for it is not suggested to drink. Ah-Ah-Ah-Ah, probably because I have a good appetite. And then he took another bottle, but vodka. We were seated in the dining room, probably an hour. He became quite drunk and could not sit. He fell, and I was scared. I’m no – one in town knew. I tried to pick it up but it’s too heavy, and he didn’t want to get up, but only mumbled something.

Then I sat beside him, and began to wait for him to sober up, but the car came with two policemen and uncles folder took, and I did not take. They had driven a short distance, I ran and saw where they took the folder. The whole night I stood and waited, when they will be released, but they still held on and not let go. The night was so cold, and still ran large vicious dogs, I was very afraid. Morning came and the nurse saw me and said that that’s on us. Then by bus we went home. Folder released only two weeks. He came thin and completely without hair, was so funny. I still love it, it’s not his fault that his policemen had taken.

Dam we have a strict, I remember one time I was loudly eating the soup, she was so angry that he threw it at me cover, very painful hit on the arm, I then two days could not even grass to the rabbit tear, the hand was blue, and the fingers almost didn’t shrink.

The nurse herself was frightened, and became so good that I forgave her.

Yes and I guess she was right, why I ate soup loudly, quietly, I from the village. I now know it. But when the mother goes out at night to work, it works as a watchman, here we are with folder walk, he told me frying eggs. Know how delicious when fried two eggs in butter and a little salt. M-m-m Delicious. Mom always swears, if he finds we are again roasted, and my folder too, and my pan, and the shell immediately throw out, and she finds out and swears all. I don’t know why, because we have many chicken eggs are, she only sells them all, perhaps we have too little money. It is a pity that we have no money. It would be a lot of, could each day eating scrambled eggs.

She calls us managername, and I’m still a Freeloader. I wonder why? I don’t dwell on the bread, I always sit on a chair. And yet, my aunt Mary said I’m not a native mother. Strange it kind, this aunt Mary, as she may not be native, if I was her mother calling and she lives with us. Lying podi. I don’t believe her. I love my mother.

Here, Irinco father now began to thrash, she sold everything from home and had prepared all the food. And Irinka we then showed his ass. Funny it her all like a little rainbow. Strips of red, blue, yellow, even black. And she almost never sit on your butt, trying to lie on his stomach or side to sit down, says, hurt. No, I don’t hit as often. She’s stupid, she always comes across under a hand adults. And here we are with wolf – cunning.