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How to conduct analysis of training and developmental activities in kindergarten

Why you need to analyze the lesson, the kindergarten teacher? First, for reporting. Usually the caregiver, developing a lesson, you need to write an analysis of the lessons and deliver them to the Methodist. Secondly, to describe the lesson is useful for self-control, before checking his superiors and open lessons.

Thanks to the analysis of class, you can understand whether you have fulfilled the aim of the lesson whether it was useful to kids, if you place them correctly evaluated.

The analysis of different kinds of studies with preschool children

Preschool classes in kindergarten usually have some purpose. They may be training or development. Children’s learning lessons with the teachers receive the necessary skills about the outside world, as well as knowledge and skills. For example, about what are the colors that sound like letters.

Developmental study focused on what the kids will be expected to learn to produce knowledge. Such lessons include interviews with educators about recent outing, painting with colored sand, modeling clay, and so on. These classes are aimed at independent child study environment and stimulate him to find answers to their questions while developing games.

In the kindergarten is useful as educational and training sessions. However, they are built on different schemes, and analysis of these classes is different from each other.

Educational lesson

Analysis of lessons are usually structured around educational goals. The teacher in the first place, needs to know whether his scheme of lesson three parts – motivation, engagement, reflection.

The teacher, when he says the analysis classes, should understand:

Did you manage to motivate each child to learn?

What methods of motivation were the most successful?

How much time have you spent teaching material? What was the lesson?

How easy was the material presented, what teaching methods were used?

Whether action the kids or you evaluated? Felt whether some disadvantaged children, getting low grades?

Did the results and grading to raise interest in the topic of the lesson?

What kinds of thinking developed in this lesson?

What are the outcomes of training (one week learned the children to do what was suggested by the teacher)?

Rate the overall emotional climate in the class.

Developmental study

Developmental study has a cognitive goal. Despite the fact that the three parts are the same (motivation – engagement – reflection), analysis classes are built differently.

Caregiver looking for answers to the following questions:

Did you manage to interest the children in the beginning classes?

How favorable was the psychological climate developmental activities if the children are emotionally involved in the lesson?

Correct was the presentation of the material: how much time have operated a caregiver, how many – children.

All the children were involved?

Interested in whether children proposed activity?

Did creativity?

Structural analysis of classes in kindergarten

Also sometimes the tutor and the supervisor is required to conduct a structural analysis classes. Typically to report to their superiors. This analysis is written in free form, however, the report should incorporate several essential parts.

And here you can learn about environmental projects in kindergarten.

First, you have to submit a plan of the lesson with a clear relationship between the stages. The next step is to determine which parts of the classes are aimed at solving specific purpose (to motivate, to engage, to teach, and so on).

Analyzing the lesson, it is necessary to clarify the feasibility of using time during each of the stages. And in the end, you should determine whether all objectives have been met.

Analysis of the open lesson

Sometimes the analysis classes are conducted not a teacher, and regulatory authorities. For example, during the open lesson. In this case not investigated the lesson, and the ability of the educator to work with children, the psychological climate in the group, behaviour, emotional reactions of children.

If the educator himself conducted his business alone until the arrival of his commanders on lesson, he checks will take place. It is the analysis of the lesson will allow you to structure it, to find all the errors and omissions in advance.