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How to change the relationship between husband and wife after the birth of the child

Every child needs a healthy and happy family, with the care of the mother and father. However, in many families immediately after birth of the baby begin problems to which spouses were not ready initially. This is largely due to the increase in worries and trouble, designed to care for the child.

Inevitably in a woman and sometimes a man, is accumulated fatigue. It affects relationships. And if the spouses cannot agree and together find a way out of the problems, the situation may be close to divorce. That is why it is important in some way to spend a whole psychological work with each other. The basis for this work comes down to finding ways to better understand each other.

How to preserve love and understanding after the birth of a baby

Ideally, the couple should work out together such a line of conduct that could adapt to new and strange conditions of life. Many young couples do not have the skill to Express and present their own claims in a polite, correct, and most importantly — in an intelligible form. A young family is often faced with psychological problems even before the birth of the child. And when a new family member has already appeared, the existing problems and add new.

If the newborn is healthy, care for them is not difficult. The first weeks after discharge, the child’s mother and the baby from the hospital literally fly by in all the confusion and turmoil associated with the emergence of a new family member. And only a month later, everything more or less back on track.

In many respects the situation in the family depends on the child’s mother. Naturally, she would have to make considerable efforts to find a safe atmosphere in the house. However, not every woman can easily adapt to changes in the habitual way of life, dictated by a small child. The situation may be complicated by the fact that for many women immediately after birth is characterized by the phenomenon of postpartum depression. But, even getting rid of it after some time, the woman is unable to give the usual attention to its second half.

Often this takes on such proportions that the spouse feel like he was not wanted in a pair between mother and baby. And it’s not just sex and still lack elements of love. In such cases, many people say jealousy men to the newborn. However, this feeling is more like some confusion and bewilderment. After all, man does not always understand, what’s so happy his wife when the baby just ate, threw up, fell asleep, etc. But for a man with such ambiguous behavior is normal. Because of his father’s perception of a child differs in many respects from the parent. Spouses should not look for a cause for mutual resentment. It is better to provide each other the opportunity to swap roles for a while.

A woman who wants as quickly as possible to restore the old relationship with her husband, should be imbued with a greater degree of sensitivity to male. For example, if there is such a possibility can not download husband the details about the contents of diapers, and ask about the husband’s business at work. And only after that you can smoothly translate the conversation to the topic of the child and his development.

If the woman needed help from the father of the child, can and should ask. But their requests should be expressed very clearly and understandable.

The young father also need to be sensitive to the behaviour of the spouse and take her enthusiasm, talk and the joy of communicating with the child. It is so arranged all women. It is nature and biology expressed their impact.

In that case, if man is inattentive and dismissive of the newborn, the woman will perceive this behavior as a lack of love and respect to yourself. In turn she will respond to such behavior by a spouse callousness and indifference.

But in most cases, a young father is not indifferent and dismissive. Typically males experience similar woman with psychological problems associated with the appearance of the child. But the man comes to just empirically. By nature it does not have those instincts as a mother. So loving and understanding, he can only through the mind.

From others a man can be heard that the spouse needs support and attention. But he also wants attention and love no less. Because it also occurs. A man like rebuilt to a new level, where he is already responsible for the whole family. Sometimes in this respect men much harder than women.

The young mother must be time for rest. If things are not urgent in nature, then it is better to postpone. Woman to survive all the difficulties, should have the opportunity to focus on myself. So it will be much easier and more joyful to meet my husband from work.

Sexual problems after childbirth

The birth of a child often leads to problems in sexual terms. It is quite natural that during the day the young wife may be so wash that in the evening she’ll be too tired for anything. However, this is not a reason to reject expressions of affection to the spouse at least with words.

You can always find the time and strength to tell her husband about her love for him, to call him the most desirable and the only thing to hug and give a kiss. But quite often instead, women in these situations simply dismissive alienate the man. The man also needs at every opportunity to tell her words of love and thank her for the gift of a child.

Many men in the early days after the birth of a child is so severely lacking in the sex that they begin to change. Different women, learning of this, react this fact not the same. Someone can’t forgive infidelity under any circumstances. But there are a considerable number of women who see in her husband’s betrayal and guilt, because spending all her free time to the child, the husband does not remain neither forces, nor desire. But to put up with cheating is not worth it, and even more to justify it. Sooner or later this behavior on the part of men will still lead to the destruction of marriage.

In times past, the role of spouses in marriage has remained unchanged for many decades. The older generation actively participated in the lives of young parents, giving them numerous hints, and by providing various forms of assistance. Such stereotypes are gradually being erased. In modern conditions of maternity leave can take and father. And housework can also be passed on men’s shoulders. Such families is increasing. Be surprised at this, and especially to consider this distribution of roles is wrong, it should not be. After all, if between young parents understood, it is the key to a strong marriage and happy family.