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How to calm a newborn

Your long-awaited and beloved baby finally was born, weren’t You preparing for the meeting. But now You understand that You do not understand a bit. Why a newborn cries? How to calm a newborn? It seems everything is done for him will tell You, and diaper him clean and fed and column vilified after eating, and he still cries often…

Do not worry much, crying all the children. It’s just for him, the only way to convey to You.

A newborn baby can’t tell You what he wants or what is bothering him, so they try to convey to You his desire through crying. A newborn may cry for many reasons, but to learn to understand, asking a newborn is not so difficult. But of course difficult to understand, and after a while You will learn how to do it. Most importantly, remember that the child depending on the situation cries in different ways.

Here’s some guidance on how to soothe a newborn.

1. Newborn crying from hunger.

A child tells You of his long-drawn cry about what he wants to eat. He may be red and often pulls the handle.

How to calm a newborn: In this case, of course the baby needs to feed, despite the fact that time still quite early.

2. Newborn baby in a wet diaper, wet diaper.

The kid wants to tell You that he’s already popisil in a diaper or a diaper (even if it is reusable), and now he is wet and uncomfortable. They irritate the delicate skin of a newborn. No matter day or night, uncomfortable in the wet anyway. In this case, he kind of whimpers, then stronger, then weaker, and whimpering continuously. The same may be hiccups.

How to calm a newborn: Just to change his diaper or a diaper, and if it is fresh, cover with blanket.

3. The child is uncomfortable in the diaper or clothing.

He can cry due to the fact that the folds are not properly zaplanowanej diaper nagging him in a diaper or clothes got a little something (buttons, rope, stone, etc). Or maybe he just got tired of lying in one position and he wants to turn over. Starts like this cry from hrycelak, and then he starts shouting, waving his arms and legs trying to change the situation.

How to calm a newborn: Expand newborn and peredelanaya again, more accurate, folds to less. Or to start, try to turn it to another position.

From the heat baby whimpers, the skin is slightly red, and a rash may appear (sweating sickness). He tries to struggle out of the diaper or clothing. Can the temperature taken, it is because of overheating may be increased to 37.5 degrees.

How to calm a newborn: on hot days, try not to dress the baby reusable diapers, use a thin diaper and a cap (cap not to wear in the heat)

5. Newborn cold.

If the baby is cold, it can shrill cry, and then crying becomes more quiet and long lasting, and appears hiccup.

How to calm a newborn: Baby need to dress a little warmer. That baby is cold, You will tell him the fresh skin of the abdomen, chest and back.

6. A newborn cries during feeding

During feeding he may cry because of the inflammatory process on the oral mucosa. Or due to inflammation of the middle ear. When otitis media the child has pain when swallowing, so even if he’s hungry, and eagerly grabbed Your Breasts, after the first SIP would get loose and start to cry loudly. In this case, the baby crying very loud and shrill. Head it can be a little tilt back. With otitis cry can be and not just at feeding time and at any time, even at night.

Even during feeding he may cry when beaten nose and it’s just hard to breathe. Especially if the baby has a runny nose.

How to calm a newborn: For all three reasons you need certainly to call a doctor. And clogged nose, you can suck sopel’ki and continue feeding.

7. A newborn cries after feeding.

It is quite possible that he has food got to the tummy and the air, this often happens. And now he has a stomach ache. The child in this case bends the legs to the abdomen, knits his brow and plaintive cries.

How to calm a newborn: firstly, whether You want to put your baby to the breast. Captures the aura of the nipple? or just the nipple? The child should not be too loud smacking sucking. Secondly after feeding do not forget to wear his “bar” (in upright position) until it burp and just 15-20 minutes.

8. A newborn cries from intestinal colic.

This cry You immediately recognize it will be very poignant and between the Creek can be interruptions. He asks You for help, says he’s in pain. Boys suffer from colic more often girls. And the first-borns are more likely to have colic than subsequent children. Also colic may experience the kids are anxious moms. Causes abdominal cramps a lot: it is still immature internal system of the child, and allergies, or maybe mommy ate something bad for the baby. And the child in the tummy accumulate gas puzyrechki in large quantities. These gases push him on the intestinal wall, and the baby to get hurt.

How to calm a newborn: First try a little to warm the baby, attach it to the belly of the belly, or you can warm the tummy warmer, folded several times and pressed with a hot iron diaper. Still after feeding to drink vodichku dill or activated carbon. There’s also a special children’s medicines that you can buy in the pharmacy, for example “Espumizan”

9. The child has a diaper rash on the skin

It is irritation of the skin, due to the late change of diaper or because wearing a diaper on wet skin. to cope with this quite simple. Should closely monitor the child.

10. The baby cries when he writes

If this happens systematically, so the baby you may be in the bladder inflammation. If this is accompanied by fever, it is best to call a doctor .

11. Constipation in newborn baby – or the baby crying when pooping.

To avoid constipation in the newborn, the mother is better to breast feed and not mixtures. If it is not possible to breastfeed, let your child during the day to drink water. It is possible to cope with constipation a bit rozdrazew the child’s anus. To do this, lubricate the sharp tip of the thermometer with sunflower oil and enter into the anus, approximately 1 cm And a little move forward, back. The baby can then prophetsa or to poop. In either case he mill easier and he calms down.

Crying during defecation can occur due to irritable the anus of the child. To avoid this padmavati it more often, after every urination and after pooping.

13. The baby is teething

Some kids are painfully reacting to the appearance of the teeth and causes discomfort. Look for the child. Flow if he’s salivating? If he bites your fingers, or something else? maybe he refuses it from the breast, because of the pain in the gums? Even the baby may have no appetite and disturbed sleep.

How to calm a newborn: wash thoroughly your hands and gently massage baby’s gums. You can chew on the cold ring. You can spread the gums with a special ointment. Sold in pharmacies.

Still very useful to watch a video of Dr. Harvey Karp on how to calm a crying baby for 2-5 min. It will teach You to soothe baby just five receptions. Because newborn babies are born is not yet fully developed and they need to get used to the new world surrounding them. In the first three months of a child’s life is such adaptation. Harvey Karp called this period – “the Fourth trimester”. In General, be sure to take a look, it will help You much, because if Your baby will cry less, and You will be able to have more rest and strength You need OO very much.