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Education in infancy

So, the baby was born and immediately became indignant. The indignation he expressed a cry. And his indignation was understandable. Prior to that, he was in the womb. All the nutrients received in the right quantity and in the correct proportions, even to breathe was not necessary. He simply needed to do it yourself. He successfully worked on this. But somewhere he felt that if he left to do this, the uterus it would have kicked earlier.

After birth he immediately got into the crisis. I will remind that such a crisis. This is a situation where the old system is crumbling relationship. You have to live a new life. Had to begin to breathe, eat, and take the effort at least to extract milk from a mother’s breast. In future man will still have a lot of crises of development. They are unavoidable. To them should be prepared. This admission to the school, and its end. The crisis is the graduation, marriage, birth of child, retirement, etc. and all crises it is advisable to be well prepared, then they will encourage progress. Otherwise, can become a source of trouble and disease.

I want to focus on just one goal of education and its justification. The human newborn is only in the process of education. And the main purpose of education is to develop the intellect of the person. I think when they say that God, in creating man, then breathed into him the soul, I think that the soul and was the intellect, or rather abstract logical thinking. Here is the development of intellect and should be the primary focus of education. The mind will adjust and all the other undesirable properties, but if you start to develop intelligence from childhood, then, maybe then there will be nothing to fix. Cowardly in the development of the intellect becomes prudent, stingy, conniving, desperate – brave, lazy – inventive, wasteful – generous. Disappear such traits as sensitivity, shyness, etc. unfortunately, many of the prohibitions that make one or passively submit, or rebel.

The development of the intellect contributes to the realization of another goal of education is to make people independent and self-sufficient.

Thus, the development of intelligence necessary to deal with babies. I will not describe all of our developed technique. Describe only a few moments. First, a child needs nothing to deny and nothing to offer and wait until he asks about it. In infancy, all his requests are screaming. If the cry is not to quiet the child, and ask him questions, then after a while it becomes clear that he needs.

So, uninformed, although in principle, a good mom all the time scolding her child. But let’s think, does something the baby wrong? If he recovers in diapers, isn’t that right? What’s right to keep urine and feces? If he screams or cries, is he not doing right? Because if he doesn’t recover, then he burst bladder and intestines. But if will not shout once recovered, then oprey skin. And if she doesn’t scream when hungry, you will starve to death. After all, when the child does not need anything, he is calm.

Cry he gives parents know that he needs something . Many parents try to warn the wishes of the child, planted her on the potty when he asked, fed when he wants to eat. With such satisfaction before the advent of desires will drastically decrease the tendency of the child to growth and improvement. Many children brought up in the spirit of such hyperopic, in the 7-8 years I don’t know what they want to be. The child will be formed minus at position I, and plus in the position YOU if you shout at him, and plus at position I at position minus YOU, if anticipate his desires. Already at that time laid maladaptively character. You cannot turn a child into a tyrant, but one cannot become a servant in their child. I scared for the fate of a child who is already in 6-8 years knows who he wants to be.

So, do you understand that abusing the child and not to warn his desire too. What can you do? To quickly teach a child feeding clear to us signals about the origin of those or other needs. I want to note that the intelligence of the child develops much earlier than speech. He already understands much, but just can’t tell. This should be taken into account.

It is best developed intelligence, when the eyes of the student and the teacher are on the same level. So, from my point of view, the child needs to talk or picking him up or dropping him, so that the line connecting the eyes of the child and the mother was parallel to the floor. And you need to talk with him, not Suzuka, normal adult language. The child has not yet developed speech apparatus, and it more or completely unable to speak, or speaks, not pronouncing the individual letters and syllables, but he is already well hear and understand the speech of another, and discerns who says is right and who is not. And I think we look pretty silly in the eyes of our child, when cartavi and talk down, talking to him. If he could talk, he would say: “I Wonder why such a great aunt, but to speak plainly can. And why talking with others, my mom clearly pronounces the word, and talking with me, spoil. Do I garbled the word easier to understand than spoken correctly?”

How to talk with your baby crying when he signaled us about your problems? You should begin with praise.

“You did the right thing that pissed and rightly so, that scream. Well done! You and then, when he wanted to write, you also gave some signals, but I just don’t understand. You will scream when you want to do something”.

You can think of some other sign. Moms who passed our courses, note that by 7 months, babies become almost neat. After all, we want our children were grown up here and talk to them as adults. Must mutually beneficial cooperation.