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Bad habits in children

Absolutely every mother often makes her daze comment type “Stop rubbing her hair!” or “Stop kicking the table!” Comments such as those expressed by other parents to their children.

When children under 3 years of age begin to regularly sucking his fingers, twirl hair, chew fingernails, constantly touching genitals — it all belongs to bad habits that parents somehow have to fight.

If you notice that your child always keeps a finger in the mouth, in any case, no need to criticize him, especially not a slap on the hand. This habit has a much deeper psychological reasons than physical, and for its successful eradication it is necessary to find them.

– excessive gestures

Of course, these habits up to a certain point are not dangerous or can lead to negative consequences, but think about it, what will your child when he grows up he will start to work.

For example: Your child will become a store Manager and when to go for a meeting at work, he starts picking his nose. Agree, it’s not very good it will look, so these habits should be abandoned at an early age.

Bad habits in children in many cases depend on parental education.

Grinding the teeth

The medical term to describe this phenomenon — bruxism. Is more than half of the children, usually begins within six months of teething, could be back again in five years when you replace milk teeth to permanent and goes with growing up. Grinding the teeth can be a cause for concern only if it causes dental problems. Visit your dentist regularly and check the condition of the oral cavity and bite development.

Obkushuvannya nails and cuticles

The habit of the child to touch his genitals always wary of adults. With any physical pleasure, the habit is not connected, no erotic overtones in it. The phenomenon is purely psychological indicating anxiety and increased anxiety.

How to wean the child to touch the genitals? First of all, not to blame the baby for it and focus. Gently switch to other actions, to remove the handle from “there” and reduce anxiety. The latter can be done by increasing the frequency of physical contact: hugging, borrow, friendly to talk to your baby. Can panamacity, in what situations the child begins rubbing her genitals, to think that in these situations is common and that, presumably, is a stress factor. After this analysis, it is possible to be proactive and, for example, to take the child up in his arms before he began to worry and show concern.

Infant alarm: pulling hair, rocking in the crib and hitting his head on the pillow

Enough serious signs of high anxiety is pulling at my hair and rocking in the crib. Children living in the family, such occurrences are rare. Usually these manifestations are characteristic for the state of emotional deprivation, that is, isolation from a loving adult who suffer the objectors.

Usually thumb sucking in babies hunger signals: most likely the intervals between feedings are great, the baby eats not milk or not enough. If after feeding the child tugging at her finger in her mouth, then you are probably not enough had him at the breast, feed and rarely should make it again.

The second cause of sucking fingers is unsatisfied sucking reflex, particularly if the child is nursed by the hour expressed milk or formula from a bottle. Just bottle feeding only nourishes. But the baby is sucking more and to calm down, relax, sleep or relieve pain in the tummy. Therefore, if the baby is a baby, do not confine him to suckle the breast, but if he eats from the bottle, one of the outputs then could be an increase in feeding time by reducing the holes in the nipple on the bottle or sucking on a pacifier. Usually increased need for sucking is closer to six months significantly reduced.

Often the need for sucking or biting of the fingers occurs during teething. The little fingers trying to relieve the itching and pain that arise in the moment of the eruption. When the help can come special gels, massage gums or teethers with coolants and soft tabs.

For example, the sucking of the breast is not just the act of feeding. A complex set of dietary, hormonal and psychological effects stimulates the brain’s development. If you are forced to otachivat little crumbs from pacifiers and thumb-sucking. There is a need in these actions that perform a specific role in development. The same applies to motion sickness before bedtime. Don’t be afraid to spoil the child, rocking promotes synchronization of biorhythms and complex restructuring brain processes during the transition from wakefulness to sleep. So, leaving the child to be torn from crying cause him severe damage.

Of course, if a 4 year old still sucking a pacifier or sleep with your fingers in your mouth, it is a cause for concern. But in any case – you should understand why. After sucking for a child – it’s a habit born from the womb of the mother, it is a sure way to calm down or to sleep, to forget the physical and emotional pain. It is noteworthy that in case of the use by a mother during pregnancy, alcohol, drugs and Smoking the premise of thumb sucking in older age is laid before birth.

Oh and I have to say about this “horrible” problem as children’s Masturbation. Many children in the child doing “this” and every parent is shocked when she sees his infant touch himself “down there”. But really just awful for us adults and a small child do it completely unconsciously. For crumbs to explore their sexual organs as naturally like to touch your arms, legs, ears. But older children can touch yourself consciously, it can give pleasure. And here parents should be alert not to allow the child a long time lying in bed linen it should be close, regular genital hygiene to prevent irritation and itching.

There are also private recommendations. When gryzenia their nails are cut short.

Allowed to chew on the tip of a pen, which the child is writing, or thing

under his hands, but definitely clean. I advise you to RUB

the palm of the hand when the impulse comes to gryzenia nails. Encourage

the child alone to deal with this habit, explaining her harm

and pointing to the unaesthetic appearance of the fingers with bitten nails,

teach self-control. His encouraging me, saying “are You sure

cope, grieve not”. He is actively helping in a difficult

situations, because they very often resort to harmful habit.

And remember: the nails biting painfully insecure, and overcoming

When thumb sucking, things – the advice is the same, but as such