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A Friendly relationship with his father

The father is of great importance for the formation of the child from the moment of birth. Not all men feel paternal feelings at once, the best that could be done by the father in this case – loving mother and wait until to Wake up his father’s feelings.

It is the father plays an important role in the perception of the sex of the baby. Dad for child model of manhood, masculinity, he is an example for behavior, the source of authority and confidence . The father leads the child towards learning about the world, technology and labour. It directs the child’s future profession. Only the father can shape the ability to resist group pressure, the ability to take the initiative. If the child attached to his mother, he could not resist the aggression of society.

The authoritarian behavior of the father has a positive effect on the mental abilities of the child. The father is perceived as a hero in the eyes of a child, able to protect and disperse all the shadows and all the monsters, he is Almighty and can do everything !

A father’s love differs from a mother’s love. It has a different character. Mommy’s love is based on unrequited love, and the father’s love must be earned.

The father tells the child path in life.

Mom personalizes a home, warmth, comfort. Father – it is otherwise. With the birth of a child the father plays such an important role as a mother. Father opens for kid the other pole of human existence – this is the world of mind, of discipline, of order, of objects created by human hands, adventure and travel. The father tells the child the way of life and therefore his love is conditional. This has positive and negative points. The obedience of a child gives the father’s love, and disobedience is threatened by its loss. On the other hand it can always be earned by good behaviour.

Father develops in the child such qualities as patience, self-restraint, serenity, emotional balance, optimism, calmness, responsibility, diligence.

To a greater extent upbringing of children engaged mom. Dad came home after a busy day, very tired and trying to rest, suspended from contact with children. If he only knew how you have a need to talk to the children, overpowering fatigue, definitely would have played with them. And boys and girls should feel the companionship of a father, his love. Well if the father works with children joint cases. But communication should be joyful and for parents and for children. More fun will deliver a 15 minute chat with joy, than spent a day in the Park, but with a scowl .

The influence of the father on the boy’s upbringing

It so happens that the father requires the child to be perfect and this allows them to just enjoy the fellowship. If the father decided to teach your child to ride a bike, but the child it turns out poorly, and the father criticizes and demands immediate results, over time, the child has lost the desire to ride a bike. The baby comes fear, he feels that he is not able to do anything and that the father have the same opinion about him. More correct would be to encourage the child and spend time together.

Boys, imitating men or older boys learn how to behave like a man. Because from birth they do not know how to be a man in spirit, this still needs to learn. But boys imitate only those who they like, who are. He can’t follow the example of his father, who is easily irritated, impatient. In this case, the boy could reach out to her mother and will copy her mannerisms and Hobbies.

To from boy grew up with a real man, the father should spend more time with my son, to make joint trips, sightseeing. Do not scold the boy when he cries, when playing games designed for girls, to force constantly to play sports.

The father’s influence on the education of daughters

An important part of the father in the upbringing of girls. The girl does not imitate his father, but it is important his support and attention. The father must be careful to praise her hair, admiring the dress, to endorse her help mom or needlework. The father plays an important role in the formation of self-esteem . showing approval of her abilities, appearance.

If the girl is being raised without father, without having any idea about the real relationship between man and woman, she formed a wrong relationship with males. Communicating with the father, the girl comes to know male psychology, learning to adapt to it. As an adult, she builds relationships with men similar to the ones she had with her father.

The older girl needs to be careful to value her opinion, to consult with her about their cases. When the girl will start to make friends with boys, father, it is important not to show their discontent, even if the boy is not quite like that.

The future of girls is determined by the relationship with the father. It is proven that girls fall in love and choosing a life partner resemble the father . The girl will appreciate in men the qualities that are inherent in her father.

Important the father’s role in gender identity girls. 13–15 years, it is necessary to obtain the recognition of themselves as women from the father. From lack of male attention girls engage in early sex and promiscuous relationships with men.

Playing with the kids

Fathers like to play noisy games with the kids. Children are easily excited in the course of these games, and this leads to a disturbing sleep and to the nightmares. Dad need to remember that children are poorly distinguish real and imaginary events. In the game they will turn into those images with which they play. 2 to 4 years old babies can’t manage their feelings and emotions. So to play the game need for long and to choose good stories.

If parents are separated

If it so happens that the parents separated, the child may Express aggression in puberty. Children, in the education which is not involved father undisciplined, aggressive, antisocial. Boys with no experience of fellowship with the father, in the future can not fully educate their children, are bad for the mother .

If children do not communicate with his father, the grown men who are feeling insecure and rejected, they have fears, consider themselves inferior.