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A Child is born

While you was with child, the hours passed slowly. It seemed that the day of birth will never come. And this long-awaited time has come, it all happened very quickly. Yesterday you were still in the title of the pregnant woman, and today you are the mom.

The first event

The first thing to do when the baby finally picked up on the hands, is to make sure he’s okay and that he is healthy. At birth the mouth and nose of the child is filled with amniotic fluid (amniotic fluid). The midwife fucked by this liquid, opening the way air. The child first “$” after a few seconds after birth, sometimes even when she was born, only the head and the rest of the body still inside. After the suction of fluid from the respiratory tract of the child, the midwife pinches it and cuts the umbilical cord and begins in the womb. Sometimes this procedure is done with the child lying on your stomach – this soft pillow with which the kid and starts a new life.

The first touch

The birth of a child is inextricably linked with the touch of hands. During childbirth, many mothers bend over and touch the head of the baby when it’s being shown out of the birth canal, it seems, is instinctive need. (If the period of contractions-any attempts will be long, touching a small area of the head of the baby that is not yet all gone, gives the mother strength.) Some doctors, midwives welcome when fathers touch head not fully born child or even allowed to hold a hand on the calf, slipping out of the birth canal, and the father there is a feeling of participation in childbirth.

I distinctly remember the feelings that were experienced at the birth of our sixth child, Matthew. The doctor was late, and I was privileged to catch our baby. (When I bragged to my friends that I have a child, Martha was immediately corrected me. She gave birth to Matthew, and I picked up. March of law: why the father should get all the credit, when all the work’s mom doing?) I still remember the enthusiastic feeling I had when my first lay hands on the head of my son. It’s a special bond formed at birth; this relationship is still being felt many years later. This is the first touch Matthew will never remember, and I will never forget it.

As I gained experience in the swooping newborn, I also watched the birth of our seventh and eighth child (I was present at the birth of our foster daughter). Many doctors, midwives in our day let fathers in such an unusual way to feel the inextricable link with your child. This is the first contact for all fathers (and mothers too), but if that’s important to you, ask them to let you do it.

First a change of scenery

After the umbilical cord is pinched and cut, the baby makes the most important transition in your life from placental respiration to breath air. Some children start to cry. Others need to give a few SIPS of oxygen and beginning to stimulate breathing.

The first meeting

With the words “all systems” (medical jargon, meaning that the baby is pink and breathing well) the doctor puts the baby on your belly – skin-to-skin, the baby’s head is resting between your Breasts and covers the newborn warm by absorbing moisture with a towel to dry him and let him freeze. Help the baby to get cheek to his chest and lick or suck your nipple. If he is restless and keeps crying, it is because he just got hard. Put your warm hand on the back of the child – this will give him a feeling of security. He is calm, warm, he rhythmically sucking, and his nerves calm down after the stress experienced during childbirth.

How the cost with the child, it makes sense not only from a psychological and medical point of view. Newborns feel cold. In position on the mother’s abdomen cheek to her breast they keep warm heat coming from it. Sucking stimulates the production of oxytocin – the hormone that promotes uterine contractions and decrease postpartum hemorrhage.

This first meeting should be intimate. Once the doctor is sure that the mother and baby are okay, and over the scene of the birth of the curtain falls, there comes the family hour – you remain just the three of us: mom, dad and baby (and other children if they want them and allow). This is a special time of family closeness, it should not interrupt normal procedures.

First impressions

Immediately after birth, the newborn is usually suffering expression: a painful face, furrowed forehead, puffy eyes, tension in the arms and legs, tight fists. After a few minutes the babies look calm and focused. This is the main condition of a newborn, it best promotes its interaction with the new environment. The child is calm but attentive, eyes wide open and looking for others let it be your eyes. A child looks you in the eye, comfortable perestraivayas your chest, his fists unclenched, he relaxes and rests peacefully on your body. In this intimacy need both: the child needs warmth and rest, and the mother needs to feel the body baby. During this first communication, the child perceives the sound of your voice, your smell, skin feels warm and sweet the first taste of food. He continues to suck, you continue to come in, both of you well. About an hour after birth, the child falls asleep.

First feelings

Try to imagine that your child feels during this first meeting. He tried to soften the transition from shelter inside the mother in the shelter created by your skin, hands, chest. Heavy emotions are replaced with peace, warmth, comfort, the baby learns that the world outside was nice, comfortable place. Still, the links are maintained, changed only the way they appear.

The newborn, which you now see is that the child you felt day and night, who you already knew and, finally, met up with him. We noticed that at the first moment the mother and father looking at his newborn as if through a wide-angle lens and see the overall picture of the uniqueness of this new man. Then they gradually begin to notice particular. First of all young parents noticed dash family: “she’s Got your ears,” says the mother to the father. “her grandmother’s nose” – you can shout dad.